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Reader Comments on 'On the changes to our feedback forums'

We recently made a number of changes to our feedback forums and guestbook to keep spam and other undesirable messages out.

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TropicalGirl wrote:
Friday, 6 January 2006 12:08:09 PHT
Thank you for promoting BOHOL, my nature-blessed home province. Hope to visit my family and friends there one of these years.. and enjoy the place once more (like I used to everyday!). If you happen to be in Bohol, don't forget to visit CHOCOLATE HILLS in Carmen Bohol, where you got the best view of Chocolate Hills, guaranteed. I love this site, very interactive and informative, I always recommend this site to everyone I know.
Tessie Wilms wrote:
Saturday, 24 December 2005 20:52:09 PHT
Dear Jeroen, Im residing in Germany for 25 years, whenever friends asks about Bohol I always recommend your website. This is comprehensive and well maintained. I am proud of you and your website. I thank you and wish you and your family Noels greetings 2005 and a Prosperous New Year 2006. warm regards, Tessie Wilms Filipino-Deutscher Verein Wuppertal Wuppertal
Gwargz wrote:
Monday, 12 December 2005 18:16:28 PHT
Jeroen, keep improving your website. I am with your proactivity. It is but wise to guard your website from distraction. I love Bohol very much and you cared for Bohol very much. We are one on that matter. Merry Christmas, Brother.
Phillip Picknell wrote:
Monday, 21 November 2005 11:19:50 PHT
Hey guys, it's time to make it enforcable crime to infiltrate websites with blogs and comments demeaning people. I think and hope you have a great future telling people and letting people say what a great place Bohol is. We return over the new year holidays "again" and really look forward to sharing Bohol with you all.
Flora wrote:
Monday, 14 November 2005 03:05:55 PHT
I am originally from Bohol but grow up in Cagayan de oro, got married there raised my kids there, and moved to the USA, it was in 1993 my youngest son was 16 years old that time and was his first vacation there in Bohol, and from that he always want to go there, he said he injoy the time he is with the cousins and all the people around, although he said you just have to carefull, which I think it should be wise to do wherever you are in the world, becuse I KNOW in every mountain you can only see two things ( TREES and the SNAKE)
Levi wrote:
Thursday, 3 November 2005 14:14:20 PHT
To Mr. Vincent Gonzales, It became my habit to visit this website every time I open my mail. I find this website very wholesome and mature. If you could only create your own website (or if you already have one similar to this) may I ask for the link so we may also be able to contribute wholesome comments to your website. I promise that your site will be respected. Thank you very much.
Vincent Gonzales wrote:
Wednesday, 2 November 2005 16:10:40 PHT
It is sad that the webmaster has to resort to FASCIST methods in his website. The webmaster is showing his true Euro Wussie colors. By resorting to calling names and labelling people by calling them "trolls", the webmaster is showing his maturity or lack of it. By this new FASCIST implementation, this website effectively died. The freedoms, the wholesomeness, the community atmosphere went down the drain when the webmaster resorted to FASCISM and RACISM. I wont be surprised that only two people will be left browsing this site on a regular basis. Ever noticed that people are now refraining from posting since this implementation? This is what you call a silent protest and I dont want to be a party in this FASCIST and RACIST stance. Thanks

Thank you Vincent for your contribution here. I let it stand such that our other visitors can judge themselves what is the cause of this inconvenience. I am also moving your proza from the Guestbook here, but will not bother to place your other nearly one hundred comments here.--Jeroen.

As my mum have always said the "V" in Vincent stands for Victory. Beside from the fact that Vincent is Victory in latin. When I first started posting here, talking about the other side of Bohol, advising tourists to take necessary precautions for their safety and enjoyment, the webmaster did not agree with me. The webmaster started that I am scaring tourists, the potential source of income for his resort. The webmaster then started harassing me, calling me names, deleting my posts and threatening my life. He thought I would be intimidated with his scare tactics. This webmaster would rather see tourists harmed in the name of profit which sickens me. By resorting to FASCIST methods like clicking emails before posting, to silence me, the webmaster is showing his true colors and intentions. This is a clear and solid indication of my VICTORY. By stiffling our voices and making people undergo the necessary inconvenience of clicking emails before posting, this website effectively died. People, as clearly shown, have been turned off from this site and started to look for other sites which is not curtailing their "FREEDOMS". This is a good thing as people and potential tourists will not be reading the webmaster's profit minded and devil may care posts which I fear will lead or already has lead to tragedy. I only have good intentions when I advised tourists/people some necessary precautions. Some people have infact thinks my advises are good and even emailed me to learn more so that they will have a great and safe time in Bohol. This apparently irked the webmaster and started this FASCIST, IMMATURE methods. I am now savoring this victory with a cold one.

Your remarks on safety where never removed, and still can be read here.

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