Friday 14 August 2020 21:39:08 PHT

Privacy Policy

We collect the following information while you are surfing

  • IP address of the machine you use to access our server. (This can either be the IP address of your computer, or that of your proxy server.)
  • Type and version of your browser and operating system.

We only use this information for statistical analysis, and will not attempt to link your surfing behaviour back to any individual visitor.

When you sign up for membership, we collect a number of personal details from you. We will not provide these details to any third party (unless so required by law), unless you give us explicit permission to do so. We will only show these details in our web directory if you click the appropriate checkboxes in the registration form, and you can always change these settings on your personal page. Comments and remarks made by you at our website will be listed under your user name. You are free to select any (non offensive) nick name you like.