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Now that we’ve consigned 2007 to history, we look forward to some of the major stories we anticipate making news in the community in 2008.

I am enthralled by fire... and I loved watching how fireworks painted the skies last New Year’s eve. There is a feeling sense of happiness to see fireworks displays. Everybody loves fireworks and we are spellbound of it that we become like children. There is a power to unite people of all walks of life.

I’d attended the World Pyro Olypmics I’d attended in 2007 at the Mall of Asia. The 2008 World Pyro Olympics, scheduled to start in late February with participating countries like China, Germany, Japan, Australia, Korea, Dubai, Italy, Venezuela, France, and the Philippines.

Miriam Quiambao with co-host Joaquin Valdez,
Pia Roberto and Leo Udtohan at the Chocolate Hills

By the way, I started my New Year meeting old friends in the media like Miriam Quiambao, Miss Universe 1st runner-up was here in Bohol for coverage (with co-host Joaquin Valdes) for 100% Pinoy on GMA 7 (every Thursday after Saksi). Joining Miriam and Joaquin were Pia Roberto, Noel Almadrones, Ronald Condestable, Erick Mabini, Ruel Galero and Jay Barcibal.. And most of all, it was a blessing that my friend Donnaliza Medina, the executive producer of the show came to Bohol to see me. We met during the Extra Extra/Extra Challenge days.

Miriam Q. as Ubi Queen

The team’s first Bohol experience was going to Danao town for eco/educational/extreme adventure tour or EAT Danao, Bohol’s new adventure destination. Thanks to Mayor Tom Gonzaga and his brother Ian and LGU officials for the warmth welcome.

The island province of Bohol may aptly be called "Cave Country." Some 1400 caves have been counted, and probably many more have escaped notice. Some claim that Bohol even got its name from the word "buho," meaning "hole." All these caves of course are an ideal hideout, and have played an important role in Bohol's history. The Francisco Dagohoy Cave in the town of Danao is probably the most famous of these. This cave was the headquarters of the Boholano patriot Dagohoy, who, in the year 1744 started a rebellion against Spain that was to last until 1829. One of the many crystal-studded passages within Dagohoy's cave has an underwater route leading to dry land, and it is said that every time Spaniards would search the cave, Dagohoy would swim underwater through this passage to hide in the breathing space.

Cradled between vast mountain ranges and nature’s best, lies the very site where Dagohoy and his men fought for freedom.

EAT Danao is an ecotourism concept for the benefit of the municipality of Danao, Bohol and its people, to promote tourism without disrupting the environment.

Miriam Q. feeding her pet, the tarsier.

The group also visited Osang’s Broas factory at the back of the Baclayon Church, Chocolate Hills, tarsier at Supercarp (owned by Neria Saranillo), Loboc River Cruise at Riverview (owned and managed by Dame Tessie Labunog). The group also witnessed how the new batch of Loboc Children’s choir practiced inside the convent under Maam Alma Taldo. Our sacred ubing kinampay caught Miriam to visit yam plantation in Dauis. Lami!

Miriam Q. with the members of the Loboc Children's Choir

The team stayed at the posh Bohol Beach Club.

The best experience was visiting Dauis Church convent for the taste of fine dining in ambiance of colonial elegance. It was Sir Marianito Jose Luspo who pitched me the good news about this "heavenly place." This place is classic and elegant, thanks to Fr. Val Pinlac. The services and professionalism of the staff are superb. I’d learned from Sir Luspo that Bea Zobel, the patroness of arts is the number one client of this place. You can taste chicken halang-halang, binutungang lambay and other foods to satisfy our gastronomic needs.

Comm. Benjie Oliva of the National Youth Commission who lend a helping hand of the (with driver Jaime Gunayan) says, Extend my heartfelt thanks to Miriam, Joaquin and group for featuring our province in their show. Thank you also Leo for making Boholanos proud of their motherland. For without you, Bohol would not be known to the country through the national media. Keep up the good work and until I have the strength I will always help you in your advocacies for a greater Bohol.

Catch the 100% Pinoy Bohol adventure on Thursday, January 10 on 100% Pinoy on GMA 7.

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Miriam with Leo after broas (lady fingers) making in Baclayon

Leo P. Udtohan