Documentation on the Tangnan Port Issue

IJsselstein, Saturday, 27 September 2003 14:35:51

The following documents provide some background to the Tangnan Port Issue, discussed in a previous article.
Book cover: Bohol Island: Its Coastal Environment Profile

First of all, we include the forword to Bohol Island, Its Coastal Environment Profile, (published in 2002), an excellent study on the importance of protecting Bohol's coastal ecosystems, with numerous recommedations on the issue. A must-read for everybody interested in the issue. This study has been supported and funded by numerous organizations, including international donars such as the UNDP and USAid.

The book can be obtained, free of charge (as long as stock lasts), from the BFFFI office in Tagbilaran City, CPG East Avenue (near CRBBI and in front of PCSO lotto station). It's a small walk from the center of Tagbilaran. Their phone number is 501-9390.

It is also available as a free download in PDF format from

In his forword Governor Erico B. Aumentado encourages everybody to use this book as a guide....

Consistent with this policy, the Tangnan Port was refused an ECC on the first application in 2000:

This, however, is completely at odds with the approval on a second, basically unchanged application three years later, on which an ECC was given to Alturas, shortly after a change in office at the DENR. This really begs the question what has caused such a dramatic shift in policy in the mean time.

Jeroen Hellingman