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Party animal Jason Zarate is cool dude


Excuse me; Tagbilaran City is a city that sleeps. There’s no night life. They said, pretty boring. People will rush home and sleep.

Tarsier Travel and Tours boss and Cebu Pacific-Bohol sales agent Gen Jamisola (a goddess!) when asked by the press people in Manila has an answer.

What is your favorite night out in Tagbilaran? Her answer: Tagbilaran City offers nightlife for the party animals and to those who love the night. There are many choices from night clubs to resto bars. Perfect place to be for a night-out is Lazer Party Club at Bohol Tropics. You'll be amazed by its latest state of the art lighting facility and sounds system. There is also Atmosphere at the Metro Centre Hotel, you can party all night long that is, jamming with the city’s most sought-after bands and grooving to the beat of the planet’s hottest dance tracks. Visitors can enjoy the night at a club bursting with energy and youth vigor.

But hey, Tagbilaran City’s mood is blithe.

Jayson Borca Zarate
For Jason Zarate, the Uma look-a-like, a party
is not a party without good music, alak (wine) and friends.

When the music is buzzing and the booze overflowin’, no other partygoer/partyphile can spread the good life and vibe like Jayson “Jason” Zarate, a real party animal!

I value life seriously, because for me it’s the only thing I have to enjoy, says Jason, 24 who’s from Lucena City, Quezon but who’s here in Bohol for years for a study (a nursing student) and family business.

He shared that he’s a happy person who can make us laugh at all time & with a big heart with lots of love to give…very sensual and romantic.

I always start a day with a smile, because I don't want to spoil the rest of the day ahead, he said.

The right party clothes can put you right in the center of an awesomely cool party. But the perfect party attitude can take your much further through the evening.

Let’s here it from Jason straight from the heart (with no inhibitions to answer True’s questions):

Birthday: June 4, 1982
Special talent: Singing
Music: RnB, TRANZ
Color: Blue and Green
Cartoon: Tazmanian devil
Actor/actress: Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter) and Kris Aquino
Turn-off? BO
Where you can reach me: jaysonzarate@yahoo.com.

What's your nickname? Jay but they usually call me Uma

Why Uma? Because they said I look like Uma, the winner of the PBB (Uma was part of the 13 housemates of ABS-CBN's Pinoy Big Brother, Season 1)

At what age you were allowed to party? Well back home, I was never allowed but likas kasi sa akin mag-night out so hindi maiwasang tumakas. But now, I can go out anytime if I want to. If I should answer the question well I started as early as 16

Where did you first get drunk? As in hubog? Well birthday party un ng high school friend ko. Hindi ko yun malimutan dahil nalimutan ko lahat ng ginawa ko and my friends always tease me everytime kami naggeget-together.

Best advice you get from a friend? I should do whatever my heart tells me. I should be confident and should aim high in life.

How do you spend the night-out with your best buddies? Well, crazy party animal. If I got lot of resources... bumabaha ng kasiyahan. I make it na hindi ako and sila mabobor.

What mabobor? Boredom

A real friend would ____? A real friend for me is very open-minded, understanding, respects and loves me for what I am.

Besides partying, what else do you do? Since I don’t have classes anymore, I spend my time with my closest friends, watching movies, eating, and web surfing....

A party animal is ____? Always present. Hindi mabubuhay ng hindi lalabas sa gabi.

Where’s the best place to party then here in Bohol? Well wala naman talaga best party unless you do ways paano mo gagawin masaya night-out mo. But Atmosphere (Ground Floor of the Metro Centre Hotel) is the best. But I usually hang-out in Tachycardia (located at Winward Pension House, Gallares Street, Tagbilaran City and Brewpoint (located at Soledad Suites, Soledad Street, this city).

A party is not a party without wine.
A party is not a party without wine.

A party is not a party without ____? Good music, alak (wine) and friends.

How do you cope with such a busy sked? Walang busy sked kapag gusto mo talagang lumabas. When I’m still a student, I will make sure wala na akong paper works para kapag galing party, pag-uwi, tulog ka nalang para wala ka nang iintindihin, then gising para pumasok. It’s just easy to manage my schedule.

Any future plans? Well I’ll be hypocrite kung sasabin kong gusto kong maging nurse sa Pilipinas. Definitely I’ll take the board exam first… then fly immediately away to earn green money.

What was the worst thing you did as a child? hahaha... lahat yata worst eh. I’m very clumsy. Basag kaliwat kanan.

Halata naman Matigas din kasi ulo ko. I’m hard headed. Pasaway na talaga ako daan. Bata pa ko gusto ko na nasusunod kung anong nasa loob ko.

What do you think is your precious possession in life? Of course, my friends and family. Hindi ko sila ipagpapalit.

Are you fond of pets? Yes! I love dogs. I have almost 14 dogs, 3 of them have breeds. I wanted cats din kaya lang hindi puwede sa bahay. Hindi mabubuhay... wala rin kasi ako ibang mapapaglibagangan... Dogs are fun to be with... nakakawala ng pagod especially pag naglalambing sila sa iyo.

If you have 3 wishes, what could they be? Good health, wealth, and prosperity

What are the outrageous things you heard about you? Outrageous in what sense? Good or bad?

Good or bad. Well its nice to hear compliments but its not my attitude to reveal who I am. I should prefer u explore who really Jason is. Well so far, I’m very outspoken... some says they hate it but for its not. I’m just being true to myself. I am a self made guy who values the simple joys of life and I love people who love me for being who i am and for what I am...may be I’m the nicest person that u will meet!!

Are you not snobbish? I seem snobbish at first but I assure that they will enjoy having me as their company... sweet, caring, loving, understanding, thoughtful is what my friends best describe me.

Boxers or briefs? Boxers. I love it

The soundtrack to my life would be ____? Maalala mo Kaya... kidding! Incomplete by Sisko (popular for Trip-hop songs, while the Min Max album was released in 2000)

My favorite moments are ____? Well, my favorite moments are nung pumunta kami sa Bora.... we walk along the shores and kuwentu-kuwento and we had our overnight stay at Imelda falls in Laguna..

My 3 favorite words are _____: Cool. Really. Alright

What part of your body is your favorite? My p*__ (censored!)? Hahaha... my face

What part of your body is most vulnerable? My belly and my toe nails.

Name three girls in Bohol you think have nice bodies: My friends Tifanny, Marji and Sam.

And guys? I don’t know their names but I saw them in the bars.

How much sleep do you normally get per night? My longest is 18 hours. Usually 7-9 hours

What time do you usually go to sleep and wake up? Usually 2 or 3 am. then mga after lunch na ako usually nagigising.

What’s the last thing that you do before you go to sleep? Take a bath and I brush my teeth. Pwede ba j*_l (censored!)? hahahaha

Are you doing it? Before I sleep? Mmmm.... naughty! Sometimes

And the first thing that you do when you wake up? Check my phone.

Who’s your hero? Zsazsa Zaturna? Rizal? Joke. Of course my mom!

Do you follow a diet? I’m into diet now. I’m tempted and crave foods but I’m improving pare!

Partying words? Kitakits!


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