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naga—, A prefix denoting the present tense active (transitive and intransitive), e.g. Nagahámpang, nagabása, etc. siá. He is playing, reading, etc. Nagahunâhúnà akó nga——. I think that——. Si nánay nagahímos sang panyága. Mother is getting dinner ready. Nagapabugál silá. They are proud. Nagahalín na silá. They are leaving now. Nagadulúm na ang kalibútan. It is getting dark. Nagabahâ ang subâ. The river is in flood. Daw sa nagabúg-at na ang íya ginabátyag. It seems that his condition is becoming serious.
nága, A hardwood tree and the timber thereof. (cf. nára; the Sp. narra is from this Philippine word).


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