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maga—, A verbal prefix used to denote:

1) the active future, e.g. Buás magalakát akó sa Ilóngílong. To-morrow I will walk to Iloilo. Karón sa hápon magaabút gíkan sa Manílà ang akon amáy. This afternoon my father will arrive from Manila. Kon bayáan mo dirâ sa ínit ang bíno tínto magaáslum. If you leave the red wine there in the heat of the sun, it will go sour. (cf. ma-).

2) a present negation with "walâ", e.g. Si Hosé walâ magtánum kahápon, walâ man siá magatánum karón kag índì man siá magtánum buás. José did not plant rice yesterday, neither is he planting rice to-day nor will he do so to-morrow. This "maga-" under 2) is never shortened into "ma-".


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