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búdlay, Fatigue, hard work, toil, drudgery; to tire, require great exertions. Kon magkáli ka sing bubón pagabudlayón ka gid. If you dig a water-hole you will get very tired. Ginbúdlay or binúdlay níya akó. He tired me out, he required much work or great exertions from me. Indì mo siá pagbudlayón (pagpabudlayón) sing támà. Don't overwork him. Don't tire him out. Ginpangabudlayán ko sing dakû ang pagpatíndog siníng baláy. I had much work and trouble in putting up this house. Indì ka magdalá sing kahíkaw sa kinabudlayán sang ibán. Don't envy others what they get by much exertion. (cf. pangabúdlay, lúyà, rúyà, pául, kápoy, álay).


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