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19 Tagalog words found.

clever batid matalino
clever listo matalino
clever maabtik matalino
clever maantigo matalino
intelligent hanas matalino
intelligent masinabuton matalino
intelligent maulo matalino
intelligent utokan matalino
intelligent utukan matalino
sagacious Adjective masiam matalino mainalamon
sage makinaadmanon matalino
sage tawo'ng maalam matalino
smart utokan matalino
talented maulo matalino
talented salabutanon matalino
talented utokan matalino
talented Adjective may kahibalo matalino angin-alamon, makinaadmanon
talented Adjective utokan matalino angin-alamon, makinaadmanon
witty Adjective masabtunon matalino mangin-alamon

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